Bloody Matador Cocktail | Tequila Cocktail Recipes

The Bloody Matador Cocktail is a full 3 ounces of alcohol… so beware! As far as tequila cocktail recipes go, the bloody matador drink contains a full 2oz of the stuff.


In addition to containing tequila, the Bloody Matador also contains energy drink. As with any energy drink cocktails, don’t consume too many as too much energy drink does not do a body good.

Bloody Matador Drink Recipe
2oz Tequila
1oz Triple Sec
Energy Drink
– Blend the ingredients with ice

This cocktail is not something that you can put back one after another all day – as you’ll be on the floor in no time. Keep in mind that a standard drink in Canada is 1oz – meaning that this drink is 3x as strong as your standard rum & coke. But don’t let that stop you from trying at least one!

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