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Drinks Made Easy Presents: How to make a Tequila Sunrise. The mixed drink tequila sunrise cocktail recipe is one of the most popular Tequila cocktails in the Tequila drink genre. It mostly uses “well” or bottom shelf tequila. Often times Mezcal. To be honest that really doesn’t help make the cocktail better. It only masks the bitterness of the sub-par tequila. So we advise you make this drink with a mid to top shelf Tequila and a white or ‘blanco” one at that.

to complete the mixed drink recipe you will need the following:

Tequila (preferably a blanco) 1 1/2 oz.
Orange juice (fresh is best, but any should suffice)
grenadine (a float or 1/2 oz)
Garnish with either a cherry or orange twist (we used both)

First, In a Collins glass filled with ice pour in your 1 1/12 oz of blanco tequila. Next, fill almost to the top with your orange juice, then float your grenadine, and garnish with you cherry, orange twist or both and vio la! You have yourself a Tequila Sunrise.

Created and Produced by:
Mike Quick

Hosted and Co-produced by:
Paul Masterson

Remember to always drink responsibly.

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