Orange Fantasy – Mocktail Recipe by Ruchi Bharani [HD]

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Orange Fantasy – Mocktail Recipe by Ruchi Bharani [HD]
INGREDIENTS (For 6 Glasses) –
1 cup Orange Crush
500 gm Vanilla Ice Cream
½ pkt strawberry jelly + 1 cup water
400 ml Club Soda
200 ml Orange Fizzy Drink

For Garnishing –
Watermelon Balls
Mint Leaves

– Mix the Orange crush and Vanilla ice cream with a hand blender.
– Pour the blended mix in your serving glass and keep aside.
– Cut the strawberry jelly into small cubes.
– Carefully place a few jelly cubes on the ice cream blend.
– With the help of a flipped spoon pour in the club soda and Orange fizzy drink, without disturbing the lower layers. Make sure you add more of the club soda than the orange fizzy drink to avoid your mocktail from becoming too sweet.
– For the Stirrer, poke in the toothpick into a watermelon ball followed by a mint leave and a watermelon ball again.
– Garnish the drink by placing the stirrer on your serving glass horizontally.
– Your refreshing Orange Fantasy Mocktail is ready to serve.

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